Order of the Solar Temple of Joseph di Mambro and Luc Jouret

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Luc Jouret (Temple Solaire) Luc Jouret
  • Discovery TV: Friday 26 March 1999, 23.00: One way ticket to Sirius, on Order of the Solar Temple
  • Concise summary by a sociology student of the University of Virginia
  • Time magazine: Solar Temple
  • Cults: In the Reign of Fire
  • Remains of the day
  • Solar Temple and similar groups; Free Inquiry
  • According to British TV (Channel Four), 22 December 1997, and the Sunday Times, Princess Grace of Monaco had joined the Order of the Solar Temple. In this article, the Italian lawyer M. Introvigne opposes this view (unfortunately, with few, if any, references)
  • While investigating the Ordre du Temple Solaire, the Quebec Provincial Police uncovered unrealized plans to set up a terrorist organization for war against the Mohawk Nation
  • L'Hebdo N 52: Ordre du Temple Solaire (in French)
  • Ordre du Temple Solaire
  • Ordre du Temple Solaire
  • Ordre du Temple Solaire. Quand Luc Jouret exporte sa secte de France; Bulles
  • Order of the Solar Temple; Italiano
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