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crop circle

Crop circle near Dreischor in The Netherlands, made 14-16 July 1997; to its makers

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  • Internet UFO Skeptics
  • Skeptical links on UFOs
  • How to fake UFOs
  • UFOs; Cincinnati Skeptics
  • UFOs; bibliography New York Skeptics
  • CIA's Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90, by Gerald K. Haines
  • UFO glossary on 'Ufology' site
  • Extensive UFO site; believes in aliens
  • OVNI du passé: l'Histoire manipulée par l'ufomanie
  • Spanish skeptical articles on UFOs
  • Spanish UFO skepticism
  • Ufo'er og ufolore. Dansk og Norsk
  • UFO-Sverige. Swedish; critical
  • Ma Oftedal – UFO-präst
  • Sven Ove Hansson: Vad skiljer en skeptiker från en kritisk ufolog?
  • Sven Ove Hansson: Koncist och bra om UFO:n; recension av Bringing UFOs Down to Earth av Philip J. Klass
  • UFOs; Czech


  • Roswell Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fraud?
  • Kidnapped by UFOs?
  • Alien abductions; from Skeptic's Dictionary
  • Abductions and researcher bias
  • UFO abduction claim of Linda Napolitano
  • Are we alone?
  • Aliens; bibliography New York Skeptics
  • Mars face; bibliography New York Skeptics
  • J. Kucera: Poslední úšklebek "Tváøe z Marsu"; Czech


  • The Relationship Between Science Fiction Film and the UFO Mythology
  • Uriella und UFOs; German cartoon

    Crop circles

  • Crop circles; from Skeptic's Dictionary
  • Dreischor (The Netherlands), 1997
  • Grain circle makers; England
  • Crop circles; bibliography New York Skeptics
  • Guide: crop circles; Danish skeptics


  • Belief in UFOs is important to many groups mentioned on this site:
  • ... Heaven's Gate
  • ... Isis Holistic Center of Heide Fittkau-Garthe
  • ... Scientology
  • ... the Unarius Academy of Science
  • ... Aetherius Society
  • ... Fiat Lux of Uriella
  • ... Orthon doomsday movement
  • ... Accademia Internazionale di Ontopsicologia; critical in English, Italian
  • ... Planetary Activation Organization (Sheldon Nidle); James Randi says: linked to David Icke
  • ... Stella Maris Church: UFO Cult Disappears in Colombia
  • ... and the "Taiwan UFO cult" (Chen Tao)
  • The UFO Movement
  • UFO Cults; University of Virginia
  • UFO believers: links Rick Ross
  • UFO groups (German)

    The extreme Right

  • About Flying Saucers Index of the Nazi Ernst Zündel
  • Milton William Cooper and far Right US militias
  • Norma Cox's Hitlerian UFO conspiracy ideas
  • League of Rights, New Dawn, Nexus, David Icke etc.
  • Nazis, UFOs, Wilhelm Landig
  • Nazi UFOs: secrets or lies?
  • Nazi UFOs: more lies than secrets
  • Jan Udo Holey: Frequently Asked Questions; German
  • Jan Udo Holey (Jan van Helsing); German
  • Van Helsing und Verschwörungstheorie
  • Holey und Verschwörung
  • Jan Udo Holey und dark wave Musik
  • Egli und Holey
  • French translation of Holey
  • Ufo Wien: the Austrian Right and flying saucers
  • French Nazi UFO believers U-Xul-Klub


  • Roswell Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fraud?
  • Roswell (Swedish)

    UFO reports

  • "OVNI" au-dessus de Montréal
  • L'OVNI des Ardennes (août 1998)
  • Sven Ove Hansson: Närkontakt med UFO
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