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Quackery and alternative medicine

Information: healers and medicine

General Anthroposophy Aromatherapy Astrotherapy
Ayurveda Deepak Chopra Diets Bruno Gröning Kreis
Louise L. Hay Homeopathy Moerman Pyramids
Reiki Sai Baba Therapeutic Touch Uriella

Information: diseases

Aids Cancer Cardiac diseases
Drugs (therapies) Salmonella etc.

Medicine and healers


  • Quackwatch. On quacks, by Stephen Barrett, M.D.; auch auf Deutsch
  • National Council Against Health Fraud; US
  • Health Care Reality Check
  • Expanded Dictionary of Metaphysical Healthcare; Health Care Reality Check
  • FAQs; Health Care Reality Check
  • Mystical medical alternativism
  • Health fraud; US government site
  • Health Watch; England
  • Health Frontiers Center for Quackery Control; Philippines
  • Qakatak; Australian Skeptics
  • Alternative health; from Skeptic's Dictionary
  • Museum of Questionable Medical Devices; US
  • Alternative Medicine; bibliography New York Skeptics
  • US Federal Trade Commission warns against on line quacks
  • Multi Level Marketing and quackery; Health Care Reality Check
  • Healthcare esoterica
  • Science or pseudoscience? Alternative medicine
  • Mystical diets; by Jack Raso
  • Crystal healing; bibliography New York Skeptics
  • Health care and Landmark Education
  • Pratique medicale et sectes
  • Comment et pourquoi se protéger des activités de certains guérisseurs
  • Spanish skeptical articles on alternative medicine
  • Kvacksalveri i Tyskland; Swedish
  • Kvacksalverinotiser
  • Skydda barnen från kvacksalveriet
  • Gunnar Steineck: Hur kvacksalvare gör sig trovärdiga
  • V. Mornstein: Výbìr èlánkù o alternativní medicinì 1997-98; Czech

    Anthroposophy based medicine


  • Skeptic's Dictionary: aromatherapy
  • Aromatherapy; Health Care Reality Check
  • Aromatherapy; Australian Skeptics
  • Aromatherapy; Cincinnati Skeptics


  • Astrotherapy; Skeptic's Dictionary


  • Ayur-Veda; Australian Skeptics
  • Ayurveda; Health Care Reality Check
  • Maharishi Ayur-Veda; criticism by A. Skolnick
  • University Marburg: German on Maharishi Ayur-Veda
  • Deepak Chopra and Maharishi Ayurvedic Medicine; by Thomas J. Wheeler
  • Deepak Chopra; critical; Trancenet


  • Moerman: cancer, diet and anti-Semitism
  • Mystical diets; by Jack Raso

    Bruno Gröning Kreis

  • German protest against alternative medicine of Bruno Gröning Kreis
  • Bruno Gröning Freundeskreis; Der Humanist

    Louise L. Hay

  • Aids and Louise L. Hay
  • Louise L. Hay was at Maharishi International University
  • Louise Hay recommends in her You Can Heal Your Life: homeopathy, Reiki, NLP, astrology, MSIA/Insight, Jung, Deepak Chopra, Marlo Morgan, James Redfield

    Pyramids as medicine

  • Pyramidology; New England Skeptics
  • Pyramidology; bibliography New York Skeptics


  • Reiki; Skeptic's Dictionary
  • On Reiki; German
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