The Int'l Guild of Masonic Webm@sters 1997 

The Logo used by The Int'l Guild of Masonic Webm@sters, the Golden Square & Compasses  with the blue "G" in the center, was  designed by Guild Founder VW Bro. Pieter Nootenboom to symbolize the Lightning Speed of communication on the Internet.

IRC Chat Room Access Page
International Guild of Masonic Webm@sters

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The Guild has now extablished a presence in IRC chat, for the purpose of allowing our members to interact and help one another. The following steps will allow you to join us there.

First, to access IRC, you must use an IRC client, or program, that is downloaded to your computer. Below is a link to the most popular IRC client, also the one we recommend, mIRC.

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Once you've finished your mIRC setup and configuration, come on in and join us. Start by opening mIRC from your Start Menu. When the program opens up, you will see a dialog box titled "mIRC Setup". Set the drop down menu to "OtherNet: US, MS, Jackson". Fill in your name, e-mail address, a nickname and alternate nickname, in case your first choice is taken. Once you've got it all in, press the "Connect to IRC Server!" button.

The program will connect, and up will come the "mIRC Channels Folder" Type "#IGMW" (without the quotes), click on the Add button, then the Join button. You're now chatting in the new IGMW IRC chat room. Congratulations!

This manual written by Peter J. Mello, Hon. Fellow Webm@ster, IGMW


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