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The Logo used by The Int'l Guild of Masonic Webm@sters, the Golden Square & Compasses  with the blue "G" in the center, was  designed by Guild Founder VW Pieter Nootenboom to symbolize the Lightning Speed of communication on the Internet.    

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Our Goals   

To spread Masonic Light throughout the world using the Internet.   To provide assistance to Guild members who currently have Masonic web sites as they design, develop, enhance and perfect their sites.   To provide assistance to Brethren, Lodges, and Appendant Masonic Organizations who wish to establish a presence on the Internet.   To provide a forum for our members to practice Fellowship and Brotherly Love with other Masonic Brethren throughout the world whom they might never otherwise be able to Meet and Greet.   To develop a platform to carry our Beloved Ancient Craft into the 21st century. 

About The Guild 
The International Guild of Masonic Webm@sters is a Non-Profit Fraternal Guild. Membership is FREE to all Regular Freemasons.

Guild Benefits 

Guild Membership Benefits Include:   Web site listings for Masonic organizations.   Tips on how to promote your Masonic web site.   Technical assistance for new Webm@sters.   Publicity for your Masonic web site on the World Wide Web.   Use of the Guild's copyrighted, animated Logo.   Advice on web site design strategies and techniques.   Educational offerings for web site design, maintenance and other related topics.   A Guild-sponsored Forum where members can discuss common web site issues. 


Levels Of Membership   

All Freemasons in good standing are eligible to join the Guild as a "Member Webm@ster."   You DO NOT have to have a Masonic web site in order to join the Guild, only a desire to see Masonic Light spread across the World Wide Web.   The "Fellow Webm@ster" level of membership will be subject to web site assessment by the  Executive Council, and a demonstrated willingness to help other less experienced Members with their Masonic Web Site(s). 

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