Summit Lighthouse leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet wears ten diamond rings on each finger

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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  • Extensive ex-CUT member's site
  • Elizabeth Clare Prophet to retire
  • Two essays by Joseph Szimhart on Church Universal and Triumphant
  • Lambs to Slaughter: My Fourteen Years with Elizabeth Clare Prophet, by an ex-Summit Lighthouse member
  • Critical book on Summit Lighthouse and its Ascended Masters
  • Church Universal and Triumphant and Elizabeth Clare Prophet: links
  • Yellowstone Park: Environmental Groups Fail to Stop Church Universal and Triumphant Expansion [scroll downward]
  • Killing bison at Church Universal and Triumphant property
  • Its Montana neighbours on the Summit Lighthouse headquarters in the USA; from The Watchman Expositor
  • Alice Flynn (Montana) on Church Universal and Triumphant
  • Satire of letter from Guru Ma (Elizabeth Clare Prophet) to her followers
  • CUT Info Site; facts, debates (members and ex-members)
  • Apocalyptic church struggling after Armageddon didn't happen
  • CUT; University of Virginia sociology
  • Church Universal and Triumphant and the outside world
  • Did Jesus live in India? No, according to the Institute for Religious Research
  • Summit Lighthouse; Freedom of Mind site
  • Summit Lighthouse; Danish skeptics
  • Music: choose
    1. bridal music by Richard Wagner (CUT says: you can listen to him; however, not to Aretha Franklin);


    2. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix (color purple is Summit Lighthouse favorite; but Hendrix' music is a no-no)

    Movements, similar to CUT: I AM; Universal Church (Peter Leach-Lewis; "PLL")

  • The I AM movement (Guy and Edna Ballard), still existing predecessors of CUT; in German
  • On I AM: Psychic Dictatorship in America; Gerald Bryan (1940)
  • Similar 'I AM' offshoot, Universal Church of Peter William Leach-Lewis [anti-Semitic]
  • CUT should not be confused with the Universal Church of Edir Macedo (Brazil)
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