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The Logo used by The Int'l Guild of Masonic Webm@sters, the Golden Square & Compasses  with the blue "G" in the center, was  designed by Guild Founder VW Bro. Pieter Nootenboom to symbolize the Lightning Speed of communication on the Internet.

Masonic Webm@ster Web Site Design Advice  

Speeding Up Your Network Access
O.K. -- you're got a great Masonic web site built, but, well, it's a little slow in loading. Right? Congratulations! You've now discovered any Webm@ster's biggest nemesis -- SPEED. This link points to a great little utility that enables you to test if your net server's a bit sluggish. It also has some great ideas and tips on how to speed up your network access. It's well worth spending a bit of time on this link to make your life (and those of your viewers) a bit more pleasant.

Internet Speed Tips

We Need YOUR Help
Brethren, we need YOUR help. This is YOUR Guild and we know that you want it to be as much of a success as we do. 

 Therefore, we are asking that if you know of any web sites or have ideas and suggestions that will assist our Members to construct a Masonic web site that will become a Shining Light on the Internet for our Beloved Craft, please send them to us. 

 Thank You, Brother, for your help, participation and support. 


H o m e

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Product Disclaimer
Although we mention several different commercial software packages on this web site, we DO NOT necessarily recommend one package over another. There are many excellent software packages that will perform essentially the same functions. Nor do we receive (nor would we accept) any type of remuneration or special consideration from any company for mentioning their product(s). Our intent is to remain unbiased. We will, however, recommend what we know to work.

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